„One who works with their hands is a worker. One who works with their hands and their brains is a craftsman. And he who works with their hands, brain and their hart is an artist.“

We strive to be original. We care about details and specifics, providing the highest quality of work possible and a custom approach to every client.
Our priority is your satisfaction, listening and learning and respecting your wishes. We want to make things differently.

Often our customers come to us with specific ideas and atypical projects and we are always trying to find an optimal solution to make it work. Mutual symbiosis is very important for us. You can tell us your ideas and we will help you to realize them. We are brave, we are eager and we are skilled to make traditional things untraditionally.

We have been here working in this manner since 1997.


Tibor Praštiak - umelecký rezbár